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Mesh Access Point WiFi

What would you like to cover with a seamless WiFi network?

  • Your business?
  • Your office complex?
  • Restaurant?
  • Hotel?
  • Amusement park?
  • City?

Up until now, covering any large area was a huge expense and a time-consuming burden.

Not anymore.

mesh access point wifi

With Mesh Access Point, any area can be covered with small wifi nodes that together create a strong, seamless wifi experience for you, your employees, your clients, or anyone you want to allow Internet access or network access.

The nodes fit anywhere:mesh access point node 2

  • into any electrical socket
  • on a ceiling
  • on an outside mount

All nodes are easily controlled from a cloud-based interface. Need to cover more ground? Just get an additional node, plug it in, and spend a few minutes putting it into the system. Easy as pie.

And the control system gives you super-control:

  • Want to decide who can access the network? Just specify that in the system.
  • Limit bandwidth per user? You can do that too.
  • Want to charge certain users? The system is all set up to integrate with PayPal to make taking payments easy.
  • Want everyone to know it’s your network? Create a splash page with your brand and network rules.

And the cherry on top? Each node costs less than any other traditional WiFi router or transmitter out there.

For more details about Mesh Access Point and how we can help you set up a powerful WiFi network covering all the ground you want at a reasonable price, see our WiFi Mesh Access Point site.

mesh access point wifi logo with node