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Does this sound familiar?

· Experienced server failure and the pain of data loss?

· Concerned about clients’ reactions if your operation is down for too long?

· Don’t know how your business will function – or survive – if your data is lost?

Natural disasters happen. Hardware failure happens. Human error happens.

But if one of those events wipes your data, your business can be crippled for days – or permanently. Even if you recover, customer trust can be damaged and they will look elsewhere. How can you guarantee that your business will stay thriving, even if events happen that are out of your control?


Don’t sweat it.

With a consistent network data backup throughout the day to a secure virtual location, your business IT systems can be restored with minimal to no downtime and loss of data. Even if all your local devices are inaccessible, virtual workstations can be set up on any computing device at hand, with access to all your programs and data.

Your ability to continue your operation within hours after a technology disaster will maintain the trust of your clients and minimize any potential financial implications.

These service continuity functions are maintained, managed, and monitored 24/7, so you can sleep at night knowing that your data and business continuity are safe, even if a hurricane is howling outside your window.


Want to learn more?

Be in touch - we’ll be happy to hear about your business continuity systems and concerns, and discuss how to ensure data stability even in the face of error or disaster.