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Does this sound familiar?

· Unexpected IT bills keep pushing you over your monthly budget?

· Delay calling in a technician due to cost?

IT systems are no longer an afterthought or luxury – they are a business necessity. But small business owners cannot afford the financial and emotional drain of unpredictable IT maintenance costs and unplanned major investments. How can IT costs fit into the business budget in a consistent and predictable way?


Don’t sweat it.

One all-inclusive, predictable monthly fee will cover all your IT maintenance needs. The fee is fixed per user, so a business with 5 employees and a business with 50 employees are respectively charged proportionally to their business budget.

This fixed fee includes unlimited remote support and onsite visits by technicians during business hours. Never again will you need to hesitate before placing a call for a technician. Never again will your business suffer as you delay the maintenance and/or replacement of critical IT components. Your IT support team stands by consistently to make sure your business IT functions smoothly – without unexpected expenses.


Want to learn more?

Be in touch – we’ll be happy to hear about your IT management financial concerns, and discuss how to make your IT budget consistent and predictable, month in and month out.