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Mobile Device Management

Whether it’s company-issued smartphones and tablets or Bring Your Own Device, company technology is heading mobile – especially for the on-the-go workforce. Stay ahead of the game, know the pros and pitfalls, and make sure the rules are in favor of security, economy and productivity.


  • Employee satisfaction – employees expect to be able to access work from their mobile devices, just like they can access everything else in life from their smartphones.
  • Reduced expenses – if employees are using their own smartphones or tablets, you don’t have to provide them with a work device.
  • Increased work efficiency – if employees can access work whenever, they will put in more time outside of standard work hours.


  • Security breaches when a device gets lost, stolen – or picked up by your employee’s teenager.
  • Compatibility issues with different operating systems and applications.

Reap the benefits of BYOD and avoid the pitfalls with Don’t Sweat IT’s Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM).

MDM will let you:

  • Manage which devices can have access to your network
  • Integrate mobile devices with your enterprise systems and corporate applications
  • Remotely lock a device or wipe data if a device is compromised
  • Secure shared data
  • Enforce encryption, password standards and other device policies
  • Monitor device location and compliance
  • Create and facilitate remote user access

Mobile Device Management supports all major mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Kindle Fire.

If you allow personal devices already, but your device management is haphazard, or if you’d like to allow devices but the risks seem too high, give us a call for a consultation.